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Date 2020-02-05

The center’s purpose is to provide credited post-undergraduate education courses plus advance training courses for teachers of various subjects while collaborating with Ministry of Education on a number of continuous education programs for teachers. Its mission is to develop outstanding teachers who are the embodiment of “professional principles of education”, “specialization in teaching skills” and “mature attitudes toward the career development as a teaching professional”. Resonating the university spirit of Fraternity-Compassion-Sophistication-Honesty complimented by an enthusiastic attitude consists of dedication, attention, persistence and devotion, the center assumes a proactive role in providing preparation courses of various subjects as well as professional development courses for teachers. The graduates are expected to be able to incorporate academic theories with practical applications other than becoming educators who personify the quality of “humanity-consciousness”, “enthusiastic and compassion for education”, “professional knowledge and teaching skill” in an effort to realize the ideology of “education means hope”. Our students are offered a respectful, embracing, caring and delightful learning environment to explore knowledge and to develop. Furthermore, to cope with the international trend of educational reforms, the center also places significant emphasis on broadening teacher’s perspective on international horizon, innovative teaching methodology and application of information technology. Specifically, following highlights the centers’ areas of concentration.
●Diversification: Inspiring diversity and creativity for teaching skills
●Humanity: Fostering an inclination towards humanity consciousness in hopes to bring out respect and passion for the teaching profession.
●Professional: Cultivating identification with the profession of education, and lifelong learning.
●Information Technology: Facilitating the capability of applying information technology to education.
●Internationalization: Strengthening the international perspective of education to be connected to the rest of the world

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